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Thinkshoes AGRAT Boot – Black Combi


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Thinkshoes AGRAT Boot – Black Combi
Consistently without frills: the AGRAT is a classic high boot that goes with any outfit. It’s made of buttery-soft chrome-free tanned nappa calfskin and has a leather lining that’s similarly tanned. The fair and sustainable manufacturing are also typical Think! The high zip on the long, narrow shaft makes it easy to slip in and out of this shoe. It’s fitted with elastic on the inside and thus also sits excellently on almost any calf. The rubber sole absorbs shock and insulates against the cold. The latex foam insoles cushion the foot and thereby protect ligaments and joints. Plus, they can also be replaced with orthopaedic or new AGRAT insoles at any time if needed. All of this makes these long-shaft boots a loyal companion over many seasons.


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