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Thinkshoes JOEKING Sneakers – Olive Combi


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Thinkshoes JOEKING Sneakers – Olive Combi
The JOEKING shoe is individualistic and self-confident. The sporty Think! lace-ups go with many outfits, giving them a casual, elegant touch. Good for the environment: the cool JOEKING men’s shoe is fairly and socially crafted from soft suede and nappa leather, and features a chrome-free tanned leather lining. Thanks to its lacing, it also has a great fit and gives the foot a firm hold. Special design features: the leather stripe on the forefoot and the graduated, intricately stitched heel pad with the decorative stripe. The colourful statement sole made of pleasantly soft rubber is also typical Think! This model demonstrates environmental awareness not least through its repairability.


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