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Thinkshoes KUSABI Ankle Boot – Pepper Combi


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Thinkshoes KUSABI Ankle Boot – Pepper Combi
The KUSABI ankle boot is a show of imagination. The successful mix of colours in this Think! boot is just as exciting as the combination of materials, the zigzag stitching around the heel and the leather strip on the outside. The shoe owes its sneaker look to the treaded rubber sole. This gives it the same gentle step. The ankle boot also demonstrates a sense of sustainability. It’s made of especially soft suede and nappa leather and features a chrome-free leather lining. The lacing with the slightly roughened, two-tone cotton laces also gives the KUSABI a perfect fit. Last but not least, it can be repaired if necessary and fitted with new insoles – so it has what it takes to be an everyday staple.


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