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Thinkshoes SPUAT Sneakers – Black Combi


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Thinkshoes SPUAT Sneakers – Black Combi
A classic Think! shoe with sporty sneaker sole and higher upper. Coherent design elements, such as the elaborately hidden lacing, give the SPUAT women’s shoe the typical Think! Look and provide support for the foot. The natural FSC-certified latex sole is particularly soft. The extremely soft upper leather as well as the lining leather is tanned chrome-free in each case and thus breathable. The stitching is made from 100% recycled materials. The cork inserts are #madeinaustria and impress with the shoelace material – 100% cotton with shoelace tips made of cellulose, made in Germany. The Think! SPUAT lace ups are made mainly of natural materials – fairly and socially produced.


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