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Thinkshoes TJUB Sneakers – Cuoio


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Thinkshoes TJUB Sneakers – Cuoio
TJUB is the perfect sneaker for every day. The chrome-free tanned cow leather, which is used in most variants, is 100% European. This is good for the feet as well as the environment. The hand-tamped, super soft leather nestles gently against the skin and does not stain due to the one-sided dyeing. That is why TJUB does not need any lining at all. All other leathers are tanned chrome-free as well. The sole with its innovative perforated structure is a true eye-catcher and the insole made of cork and latex foam cushions every step. Due to the lacing, the Think! ladies sneaker can be adjusted individually to the foot. This ensures a firm hold in the shoe. TJUB has been awarded the Austrian Eco-label and the Blue Angel.


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